Life & Legacy of Red Storm

HBO Def Poet/Motivational Speaker/Author

Red Storm is a lyrical typhoon that we all wish to be caught in. Red’s old-school spoken-word style is real and has been coupled with fresh and new street tales. Since his debut Def Poetry Jam and winning Chicago’s Best New Poet Award 2004 Red has been taking the poetry scene like a storm nation-wide.

Red Storm's birth name is Darren Redmond and he was raised by good-god-fearing grandparents with morals. Born and raised on the Eastside of Chicago, 79th Street, where he still resides and attended Horace Mann Elementary and South Shore High School. Many wonder how did such a gifted writer that comes from a solid foundation end up in prison. Well, Red Storm simply chose the fast life and to run the gritty Chicago streets and became involved with gangs and drugs at an early age leading to thirteen years imprisonment. Red Storm has been writing poetry since his first bout with being isolated from society in 1989 and has been on the open mic scene performing his work since 2002. He is a social theorist skilled at delivering his experiences with passion and zeal that leaves no competition.

Red Storm is to poetry what John the Baptist was to Jesus — a purifier. His words leaves no stone unturned. He is a lyrical current that can electrify an audience of any magnitude. His street philosophy has the potential to redeem, recover and resurrect a movement.